Any person, natural (of legal age) or juridical, of any nationality may open a MyTrade account subject to management approval.
Yes, you may. Please call Customer Service at (+632) 8667-8918 or email us at help@mytrade.com.ph for detailed information on how to open an account from overseas.
Opening an account is easy. Click on Get Started with New AccountStarter Kit and Funding Timelines you will be guided step by step.
Yes, the minimum amount to open a MyTrade account is ten thousand pesos (Php10,000.00).
As soon as we receive online or manual confirmation of the deposit that will fund your account, we will immediately update your cash balance.
To view your stock position and cash balance, click on Portfolio, then scroll down to Equities Portfolio
Click on the Forgot password? on the log in page and you will receive instructions on How to Retrieve or Reset your password.
In order to effect such a transfer, please submit a written instruction (copy furnished to MyTrade) to your other broker indicating the necessary particulars. Such a transfer will take up to two working days and cost seventy-five pesos (Php75.00) per stock.
In order to effect such a transfer, please submit a written instruction to our office (copy furnished to your other broker) indicating the necessary particulars. Such a transfer will take up to two working days and cost seventy-five pesos (Php75.00) per stock.
As an online client, MyTrade will assume that proceeds from the sale of shares through our platform will be kept in your account.
Withdrawals or payouts of sales proceeds can be done within the prescribed settlement period set by the Commission / Exchange / Clearing House.

Trading on the exchange is from Monday to Friday and follows the following schedule:

9:00:00am-9:29:59am Pre-open
9:30:00am-12:00:00pm Morning session
12:00:01pm-1:29:59pm Noon break
1:30:00pm-3:15:00pm Afternoon session
3:15:01pm-3:20:00pm Pre-close auction
3:20:01pm-3:30:00pm Run-off


MyTrade can accept orders even before and after the Exchange's official trading hours. The platform will queue all orders posted off-hours and send them electronically as soon the exchange opens.
The purchase amount plus charges (detailed below) will be debited from the cash in your account. Online trading, therefore, requires cash upfront. You can only buy up to the amount of cash held in your account. 
Before shares of stock in certificate form can be sold online, they have to undergo a clearing process that involves the stock's transfer agent and the PDTC. This usually takes at least a few weeks. If you have stock certificate(s) in your name and want to sell the shares, you have to sign the certificate(s) at the back and bring them to our office to begin the process. For a more detailed explanation, please call Customer Service at (+632) 8667-8918 or email us at help@mytrade.com.ph.

Yes, orders can be edited / cancelled as long as they have not been matched. If an order is partially filled, only the unfilled portion can be cancelled. During the Market Posting (Pre-Open and Pre-Close) periods, no orders can be cancelled.

To view your orders click on Order book, then click further on Order Status
You may opt for Broker-Assisted Posting of Orders, you may call our Customer Service at (+632) 8667-8918 for assistance in posting your orders. This option is for emergency posting only.
You will receive an online confirmation notice of each of your trade/transaction. Shares bought will be lodged under PDTC Account of Abacus Securities for your account. You can view your stock positions any time on the website upon log in. 
Posted orders will be cancelled if the transactions are not matched/done.

You can place your order using the following actions:

1. Go to Trading Hall.

2. Click Buy (or Sell), enter the order details. 

3. Review Order on the right side panel of the window.

4. Enter your Pin to confirm your order.

5. Click Buy (or Sell).

OR, you can double click the stock name on the Quote Screen, enter your order details, and follow steps 3 – 5.

Stock trading in the Philippine Stock Exchange is done at a minimum size called Board Lot. Each stock may trade at different minimum lot sizes depending on its market price at the time you place your order. If a board lot of a particular stock is 1,000 then that is the minimum amount/number of shares that can be bought and any amount above this should be traded in scales of 1,000. For further reference please see table below:


Board Lot and Fluctuation Table
Price Range Fluctuation Board Lot
0.0001 - 0.0099 0.0001 1,000,000
0.01 - 0.049 0.001 100,000
0.05 - 0.249 0.001 10,000
0.25 - 0.495 0.005 10,000
0.50 - 4.99 0.01 1,000
5 - 9.99 0.01 100
10 - 19.98 0.02 100
20 - 49.95 0.05 100
50 - 99.95 0.05 10
100 - 199.9 0.10 10
200 - 499.8 0.20 10
500 - 999.5 0.50 10
1000 - 1999 1.00 5
2000 - 4998 2.00 5
5000 - Up 5.00 5
Subject to a minimum commission of ₱20 per trade, MyTrade charges a commission rate of 0.25% (or 1/4 of 1.0%) on the gross value of each buying or selling transaction. A VAT of 12% is imposed on top of the commission.
A fee of 0.01% of the gross trade amount is paid to Securities Clearing Corporation of the Philippines (SCCP) and a sales tax of 0.6% of the gross trade amount.