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    Company Notices

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    09/11/2018 06:30:00 » System Maintenance
       09 Nov 2018,6:30 AM
    31/10/2018 15:30:00 » No Trading
       31 Oct 2018,3:30 PM
    05/10/2018 06:30:00 » System Maintenance
       05 Oct 2018,6:30 AM
    04/10/2018 9:00:00 » PSE cancelled all GTC and GTD ...
       04 Oct 2018,9:00 AM
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    Our Latest Reports


    16 Nov 2018

    Strategy: Sell on Rally

    First Gen Corp (FGEN) was strong recently and has pushed above the P17.00 level. The next resistance levels are at...

    Weekly Technical Updates

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    Abacus Short Takes

    16 Nov 2018


    EPS growth for index stocks improved in Q3. The magnitude, however, was slightly higher than we expected. The table summarizes the numbers...
    IN FOCUS: PSEi Members, 10-Year Yield, Inflation, BSP, Interest Rates, GTCAP, MBT, MWIDE, Telecom Sector, GLO, TEL
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    Daily News Bulletin

    16 Nov 2018

    BSP delivers 5th Rate Hike in 2018

    The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) decided yesterday to raise anew policy interest rates by 25 basis points as part of a proactive action to help temper the rise in inflation. This brought the total increase in benchmark rates to 175 basis points in five rates setting meetings since May this year to curb rising inflationary pressures....
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    Philippine Economy

    15 Nov 2018


    Economic growth for the third quarter this year, at 6.1%, grew at a slower pace than in the first half, and slightly below consensus estimates...

    Thematic Updates

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    Action Idea

    30 Aug 2018

    PCOR: Laggard Leader 

    With more than 2,000 service stations by end-2017, Petron (PCOR) remains the market leader in the domestic oil industry, cornering around...

    Company Update

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    PSE Disclosures

    ABG Annual Stockholders Meeting

    25 Oct 2018

    The Board approved the holding of the Annual Stockholders' Meeting of Asiabest Group International Inc. (ABG):



    Date of Approval by Board of Directors N/A
    Date of Stockholders' Meeting December 7, 2018
    Time 1:30PM
    Venue Luna Function Room, The Rockwell Club, Amorsolo Square, #23 Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati City
    Record Date November 14, 2018

    1. Call to Order.

    2. Secretary’s Proof of Notice and Quorum.

    3. Approval of the Minutes of the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting held on 19 December 2017.

    4. Annual Report of the President.

    5. Adoption of the Audited Financial Statements for the Year Ended 31 December 2017.

    6. Election of Directors.

    7. Ratification of all acts of the Board of Directors and Management for the period covered from the last Annual Stockholders Meeting of the Corporation held on 19 December 2017 to the date of the Annual Stockholders Meeting

    8. Delegation of the power to appoint the Company’s External Auditor to the Board of Directors.

    9. Other Matters

    10. Adjournment


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    PXP Analysts Briefing

    25 Oct 2018

    Analysts' Briefing for the 3rd Quarter 2018 Results of PXP Energy Corporation (PXP):


    Type of Briefing AUDIO CONFERENCE
    Subject of the Briefing Companies' Financial and Operating Performances for Q3 2018
    Date of the Briefing October 26, 2018
    Time 10:00AM-11:00AM
    Contact Person Mark Rilles
    Contact Details +632 631-1381


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    FB Analysts Briefing

    24 Oct 2018

    Investors' Briefing Invitation for PSE Trading Participants only of San Miguel Food and Beverage, Inc. (FB):


    Type of Briefing Investors' Briefing
    Subject of the Briefing Domestic Investor Briefing for PSE Trading Participants
    Date of the Briefing October 29, 2018
    Time 5:00PM
    Venue Legaspi 2 Ballroom, Makati Diamond, 118 Legazpi Street, Makati City
    Contact Person (1) Vhenna Bugante and (2) Erin Yap
    Contact Details (1) 790-2157 and (2) 816-9277


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    SM Analysts Briefing

    24 Oct 2018

    Analysts' Briefing for the 9M 2018 Results of SM Investments Corporation (SM):


    Type of Briefing Investors and Analysts' Briefing
    Subject of the Briefing The financial and operating result of the Company for 9M2018 
    Date of the Briefing November 7, 2018
    Time 3:00PM
    Venue N/A
    Contact Person Mr. Aaron Vincent Co or Mr. Kyle Leonard Ong
    Contact Details


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    GLO Analysts Briefing

    24 Oct 2018

    Analysts' Briefing for the 3rd Quarter 2018 Results of Globe Telecom, Inc. (GLO):


    Type of Briefing Quarterly Analysts' Briefing
    Subject of the Briefing 3Q18 Results and Performance
    Date of the Briefing November 6, 2018
    Time 9:00AM
    Venue B1, Bounce and Achieve, The Globe Tower
    Contact Person Livi Madrid
    Contact Details


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