Rates & Fees

Buying and Selling Transactions:

Charges Rate or Amount Charged to

a commission rate of 0.25% (or 1/4 of 1.0%) on the gross value of each buying or selling transaction, subject to a minimum commission of ₱20 per trade.

Buyers and Sellers
VAT 12% on gross commission Buyers  and Sellers
SCCP Fee 0.01% of gross transaction value Buyers and Sellers
Sales Tax 0.60% of gross transaction value Sellers


Other Fees:

Fees Rate or Amount
Lodgement Fee Php100 (per stock) plus Php20.00 x number of stock certificates
(include 12% VAT if transfer office is non-bank)
Upliftment Fee Php155.00 per stock / per name
(include 12% VAT if transfer office is non-bank)
EQTrade Fee Php75.00 per stock